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Prof. Markus Ketteler

Prof. Markus Ketteler, MD, FERA

Markus Ketteler




After completing nephrology training and a post-doctoral fellowship in Berlin, Germany, and Salt Lake City, USA, Markus Ketteler moved to the Department of Nephrology and Clinical Immunology at the University Hospital Aachen in 2000. His research focus was aimed at the understanding of pathomechanisms involved in extraosseous calcifications (e.g., fetuin-A, MGP) and at the pathophysiology of phosphate and vitamin D metabolism in chronic kidney disease (CKD). In 2007, he was appointed Professor of Medicine and Division Chief of Nephrology at the Klinikum Coburg in Coburg, Germany. Markus Ketteler is currently author on > 170 peer-reviewed publications (including The Lancet, JASN, J Clin Invest, Kidney Int, Circulation etc.). He is on the editorial boards of nephrology journals such as JASN and NDT (theme editor), acted as a KDIGO workgroup member on CKD-MBD guidelines, and co-leads the German Calciphylaxis Registry. He is currently Council member and Chairman of the Office of the ERA EDTA, served as Chairman of the Paper Selection Committee of the ERA EDTA Congresses for 3 consecutive years until May 2013 and for the ISN World Congress of Nephrology in 2015. Most recently, he acted as co-chair of the KDIGO Controversies Conference on CKD-MBD which took place in Madrid in October 2013 and was appointed to co-chair the upcoming update of the KDIGO CKD-MBD guidelines in 2015.