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Carolina Salcedo


Carolina Salcedo



Carol is CSO of Sanifit.  Doctor in Pharmacology, with 30 years’ experience in clinical and preclinical drug development, both in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry. She has participated in over 20 drug developments, with three new chemical entities in the market, Eberconazole (Ebernet®), Ebastine  (Ebastin, Kestine, Ebastel, Aleva, Ebatrol®), Almotriptan (Axert, Almotrex, Amignul, Almogran®) and galenic developments as Cetraxal® Ear drops Monodose.  She brings the integrative vision of pharmacology, toxicology, ADME and regulatory into the clinical developments.  She has held different positions since she ended her degree, namely Pharmacologist at Wasserman (Chiesi), Program leader at Almirall, Head of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Salvat, Project Manager at Palau Pharma (Uriach Group) and Director of Pharmacology at Sanifit.

She is co-inventor of 15 international patents, co-author of 21 peer-reviewed international publications, and more than 70 communications to international congresses.