Sanifit together with the Hospital Clinic and Son Llatzer Hospital receive a RETOS funded research project for a phase II trial in dialysis patients

Laboratoris Sanifit, a company located in the ParcBIT in Mallorca, is leading a consortium of public-private cooperation’s to develop the experimental drug SNF472 in a Phase 1b/2a clinical trial. The project has the support of the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, a centre where the Phase 1b/2a clinical trial in dialysis patients will take place, and of Son Llatzer Hospital, a centre that has been working with Sanifit since 2012 and whose contribution to the development of in vitro dialysis models is key to the project.

Sanifit started a Phase 1a clinical trial in 2014 for SNF472 in London. The study involving healthy volunteers has finished and has very promising results. In December, the Phase 1a study with dialysis patients will be completed. Immediately after the Phase 1a finishes, the Phase 1b/2a will begin in the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona.

In parallel, various in vitro and in vivo studies will be performed, involving the three entities, as they have received nearly one million euros in funding from MINECO, one of the largest RETOS research projects that have been awarded in this funding call, intended to finance innovative projects that represent challenges for society.

The first indication for SNF472 is the treatment of calciphylaxis, a rare disease affecting between 1 and 4% of dialysis patients with an average life expectancy of 1 year from diagnosis. Calciphylaxis originates from massive cardiovascular calcifications in the small, peripheral blood vessels and there are currently no approved, alternative treatments. Sanifit received orphan drug designation for SNF472, from EMA and FDA.

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