Sanifit setting up an International Scientific Advisory Committee with incorporation of Dr Rainer Henning

With the incorporation of Dr. Rainer Henning (CEO, Biomay, Vienna) Sanifit, has initiated the organization of an international Scientific Advisory Committee to help guide its R&D on new drugs and products for human health. Dr. Henning trained as an Organic chemist with Prof. Seebach in Germany and Meyers in the US, two leading scientists in the synthesis complex organic molecules.

He brings to Sanifit his experience in Pharmaceutical R&D as former VP for Research, Hoechst Japan and then as Global VP Life Sciences R&D at Sanofi Aventis, as well as the view from the investor side thanks to his experience as partner and in Venture Capital firms in Switzerland and Germany. Dr Henning is in a unique position to advice Sanifit how to best focus it’s R&D for long term value creation. He combines his current responsibilities as CEO of Biomay with his assistance to biotech companies through Accella Advisors.