Sanifit presented SNF472 preclinical data at the ASN Kidney Week 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.

Sanifit Laboratories reached high expectation after presenting preclinical results with its intravenous SNF472 compound.

Both in vitro and in vivo results were presented. An in vitro study evaluated the binding kinetics of SNF472 on hydroxyapatite. SNF472 is quickly bound to hydroxyapatite crystals and shows a moderately slow release which allows every other day administration, a comfortable dosing schedule for dialysis patients, who would only be treated 3 times per week, when receiving the dialysis session. These results are compatible with the efficacy found in vivo, where SNF472 showed a dramatic reduction of cardiovascular calcification in heart and aorta in a well-established animal model. This efficacy was maintained when dosing SNF472 daily or every other day.


Poster ASNKW2014